Hello and welcome! Please use the form below if you wish to receive Netherwood Heights Neighbors community event information and incident reports by email. 

Just fill out the form below; because some of our emails are intended only for households within the Netherwood Heights area, a home address is required.  Once we receive your request, we will follow up with an email back to you with a user name and password.  

The Netherwood Section of Plainfield runs east of Woodland Ave from the North at Watchung Ave to the South at the Green Brook.  The Netherwood Heights section of Plainfield runs (though loosely defined) between East & West - Leland and Woodland, and North and south - Watchung to East 7th (formerly LeGrand).  If your address falls outside of this area, you will not be issued a password.

No information will be shared outside of the Netherwood Heights Neighbors Executive Board and Communications Committee.  

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